Saving the princess can get tiring, especially when you hate her. Welcome to a world where odd video game logic rules, everyone has superpowers, and the final boss is definitely up to something...
JumpHero is silly gaming webcomic about two heroes who have to save the princess...  every other day! Follow the day-to-day adventures of Uptop and Downlow and all of their friends, and learn how they all got caught up in this strange and endless cycle. Will they ever stop the bad guy once and for all?

Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays

Also, things tend to turn out very much like video games you may have heard of.

About the Author
Hi I'm Marlene and I burn through too many comics and video games, and it definitely shows! I've been making comics since 2017, but JumpHero's my longest series to date and is definitely the one I've had the most confidence in ever. I hope you all enjoy all the insane things I have to offer here.
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