I never used the blog function before, but I might as well use it to tell you I'm selling stickers now.

by Marlene Santos on 6/13/2022, 6:13 PM
I tell people on Discord and Twitter as soon as I do this, but I have to wait every Tuesday and Thursday to make an announcement along with page updates over here. Since not everyone is gonna pay attention to my Twitter, I guess it's time I take advantage of ComicFury's blog feature once and for all.

Remember when I said I was gonna sell stickers soon? Well here you go: Princess sticker
Wow check out this super amazing sticker right here baby! Oh and I know that tweet says only in the US, but today I just started global shipping, so as long as your country isn't on this list of International Mail Service Suspensions, you should be able to make an order.

Anyway here's the shop link: https://jumphero.bigcartel.com/. I replaced the Tapas Merchshop link on the home page with this website now, but there's a link over there that can take you to the t-shirts and hoodies and bags and whatever else. Feel free to comment who you'd like for me to make stickers of next time and what more products you'd like to see.