Ko-Fi Memberships!

by Marlene Santos on 9/13/2022, 12:07 PM
The newly created Ko-Fi membership tiers.
Hey everyone, I'm sorry for forgetting about this blog post feature, but I just wanted to let you all know that I've finally enabled Ko-Fi Membership Mode. It's just like Patreon, but it's on Ko-Fi (so I should getting more money out of this).

Currently, there are two tiers: Poppin and Boppin. Poppin costs $3* a month and includes a shout out at the end of each chapter and getting access to pages as soon as they're done and in high quality. Boppin costs $5 a month and has those same benefits PLUS viewing some behind the scenes content and even getting a free sticker each month (if you provide your address). More details available on Ko-Fi. Hope to add even more fun benefits in the future!

You can still tip single amounts on Ko-Fi if you like, but you won't receive any of the membership benefits. You can also choose to pay more than minimum membership, just in case you're feeling generous.

Thanks everyone for all your support! The next chapter, Confess the Truth starts on September 15, but if you get a membership now you can have access to all pages that are completed (there's like 17 of them at the time I'm writing this, I draw a lot). This will not affect the regular update schedule.

Become a member today! https://ko-fi.com/marlenesantos/tiers

Cya soon!

*All prices mentioned are in USD