Inksgiving Announcement

by Marlene Santos on 11/16/2022, 9:54 AM

Inksgiving is upon us.

For those who don’t know, Ink is the currency on the platform Tapas, and when you support creators that Ink is converted into real money. During Inksgiving, if everyone on the site donates enough Ink, then all who pitched in can get a percentage back!

Every Inksgiving, tons of creators do cool things. So with that, I’m gonna do something really cool: I'm bringing back Dollar Doodles!

For 1000 Ink or $1 USD, you can get a nice little doodle from yours truly. Feel free to buy as many doodles during Monday, November 21st at 3pm PT to Wednesday, November 23rd 3pm PT. (See below for terms and conditions about this year's Dollar Doodles).

And what is Inksgiving without stretch goals? Well, if we get to 30,000 Tapas Ink, Dollar Doodles will be here to stay, available once a month!! So if you want this to keep going, support support support on Tapas!

Other cool goals can happen too, such as
  • 60,000 Ink = New stickers for sale! And you get to nominate and vote on ideas for the next design
  • 100,000 = New SPRITES comic! And you get to send in ideas for what it should be about.
  • 150,000 = 20% discount on all stickers in the store until Dec 1

So mark your calendars for November 21! See you there!

Terms and conditions
  • Doodles may be used only for personal use. They may not be used for NFTs or other projects related to cryptocurrency.
  • Each doodle will be a digital sketch in black and no other colors.
  • Revisions are not allowed unless there was a misunderstanding of the request on my part.
  • Doodles may be live-streamed via Discord or any other platform. By buying a doodle, you consent to allow your doodle to be seen publicly.
  • The image(s) sent to you will be screenshot(s), which may not guarantee the highest image quality.
  • If you wish to get a more detailed and higher quality drawing, consider sending me a direct message on any of my social media (preferably Discord) to request a regular commission