Author Notes:

Marlene Santos 4/20/2023, 12:00 PM
Marlene Santos
First fight scene in the entire series and it's literally Princess dying, wow. Will she die again? You'll have to wait and see (unless you already paid to read ahead lol)


b 4/20/2023, 12:51 PM
you ever hate someone so much you turn into a condensed beam of rainbows to smite them to death
Blackberry Mochi 4/20/2023, 9:15 PM
Blackberry Mochi
Just like in Elden Ring ;0;
Marlene Santos 4/20/2023, 9:33 PM
Marlene Santos
lol, unfortunately i have not played Elden Ring so this is simply cool coincidence, but glad you like it!
Blackberry Mochi 4/20/2023, 11:43 PM
Blackberry Mochi
Oh I am simply referring to the Destruction, pff. SHE SHOULDA ROLLED!!!
Marlene Santos 4/21/2023, 1:11 AM
Marlene Santos
Oh haha that’s true!