Author Notes:

Marlene Santos 5/14/2022, 12:00 PM
Marlene Santos

Seriously though there's so many other people to give thanks to. Thank you KAW discord server for thinking my comic is funny and also helping me a lot with making it. Thank you JumpHero discord server for existing cuz it's nice seeing you guys talk about my comic in real time that's pretty great (and btw if anyone else wants to join ). Thank you Tapas staff for featuring my comic a couple of times and heck even promoting it as a fantasy series twice even though it's not like most other fantasy series. I honestly think that was really nice of yall to do that and I hope that helped JumpHero reach the mainstream at least a little. Thank you family for liking my comics (thank you mom for being my first MerchShop customer btw). Thank you to ALL irl people who I introduced my comic to. Because of you I'm not afraid to share it with even more people, so thanks. Thank you, webcomic and webnovel creators throughout these almost 5 years of me making webcomics. Yall really have helped me so much up until now.

Oh and thanks to all the gamers and game devs ever. Can this comic even be a thing without you? I didn't think so.


Marlene Santos 5/14/2022, 12:10 PM
Marlene Santos
Oh and btw the series started on Tapas so that’s why over here it says in started in December. On Tapas it actually started on May 14