Fan Works (Year 1)

*Many works here feature other people's characters*

Fan Art
Grey from Edentales greeting Uptop and Downlow
Princess and Poppy with swords, posing back to back
Roxy posing with a guitar
Downlow eating Doritos while on the phone, hearing "Club Penguin is kil." She sadly replies "no."
The Bigger Fish
Fubuki from DRAGOONS as a bodoblock
The Bigger Fish
A character that looks like King Dedede but wearing a beanie and a sweater is holding an OC poppin character named Mimi.
Pixel with a pixelated glow behind him.
A doodle of Roxy just boucing back and forth
A sketch of Princess holding an umbrella over her. The words "Fan Art Friday" are above her.Nathan K. McWilliams
Kimi dancing with Ellie from Eerily Lovely as Majo (also from Eerily Lovely) looks at them angrily.
A bodoblock OC with a witch hat and a cloak
Uptop and Downlow as one body but the face is replaced with the Among Us crewmate's visor and body is in shape of crewmate.
A real cat photo-edited to look like Kimi.
A very simplistic sketch of Haley with with huge dot eyes, no arms, and no mouth. Above her is handwritten the words "la creatura"
Downlow sledding down a hill with characters from other comics, all running away from the Frost Giant from Dragon Sparking.
Nathan K. McWilliams
Selena from DRAGOONS hugging Kimi and Rigel
The Bigger Fish


Fan Writings
"No Limits Hero" by lambdafiv
"Prologue Poem" by drew2319

Uptop and Downlow look at display labeled Infinite Candy Wall. Yvonne, Sparky, and Charlie from Edible Green Tea watch them.
Edible Green Tea by The Bigger Fish
The Sun shines over the heroes from Deltarune as Yvonne from EGT runs away with his dogs saying I gotta get out of here!
Edible Green Tea
by The Bigger Fish

SAiNT by BonArt

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